Alfaparf Pigments

Ultra-Concentrated Colour Pigments

Alfaparf Pigments are ultra-concentrated colour pigments which can be mixed with a variety of products, to revive and keep hair natural and colour vibrant and bright between colour services.

Alfaparf Pigments allow for precise colouring and styling whilst ensuring a long lasting result.

With Pigments, colour is always ‘on’. Pigments are ultra-concentrated colour pigments which can be mixed with a variety of products, to revive and keep both natural and cosmetic colour vibrant.

It provides your hair with an incredible boost and shine making it look natural and healthy.

The Alfaparf Pigments range has been developed to effectively and safely revive natural or dyed hair. It replaces the intensity, shine and luminosity lost in coloured hair.

Pigments can be mixed with any hair colourant to ensure an even consistent coverage, as well as preventing any unwanted greys or brassiness.

They are both easy to apply, and simple to remove with a special Alfaparf shampoo.

Alfaparf – The Best of Both Worlds

Alfaparf offers you the best of both worlds, combining the latest technologies and natural ingredients to create a range of products that are good for your hair and great for your style.

With Pigments, you will have colour-rich and shiny hair in between colour services.

The formula is enriched with aloe vera, which helps nourish the hair root as well as providing it with essential proteins for moisture, elasticity and shine.

With colours to suit every client, Alfaparf Pigments are a great way to achieve a salon-finished look between colour services. Whether it’s on hair extensions or natural hair, pigments are silicone-free and improve colour vibrancy, with an incredible boost of shine.

Alfaparf Pigments have been created to complement and enhance the colour of both natural hair and hair colour.

There are 2 different types of pigments:

  • One for blonde tones, to give a boost of shine and shimmer,
  • One for darker tones, to bring new life back into colour-treated hair.

Pigments are the perfect way to keep your colour looking vibrant in between colour services. The ultra-concentrated colour pigments can be mixed with a variety of products, giving a boost of shine and adding extra vibrancy to your hair.

Using Alfaparf Pigments in your daily styling routine will revive dull, faded or washed out colour whilst adding moisture and shine back into your hair.

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